No need to travel far away, Byron C. Scott, DMD is the doctor to treat your jaw pain

If you are a Southern Alabama resident with persistent jaw or facial pain, Byron C. Scott, DMD in Mobile can help. Temporomandibular disorder or what some refer to as TMJ or TMD affects millions of Americans. If you are experiencing intermittent or constant pain in the face or jaw you may have TMD. If you want to get back to living your life to its fullest, come see Dr. Scott and see what he can do for you.

Symptoms to watch for

The temporomandibular joints are the joints right in front of each of your ears. Whiplash, grinding the teeth, stress or other trauma can cause TMD, but often the root cause of is unknown. However, if you are experiencing any of the common symptoms it may be time to seek medical help.

  • Pain in the face, neck, shoulders and jaw joint area when you speak, chew or open your mouth
  • Your jaw gets stuck or locks in the open or closed position
  • Your face feels tired
  • You have trouble chewing or it feels like your upper and lower teeth are not contacting the right way
  • Facial swelling
  • Clicking, popping or grinding sounds in your jaw joint when you open and close your mouth
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Earaches

If you are suffering any of these symptoms, come see Dr. Scott and his qualified team at Springhill Dental Health Center for an evaluation.

TMD Treatment

First, you should come see Dr. Scott. He may wish to take x-rays or a CT scan of the area to look more closely at the area. Depending on the evaluation there are many directions treatment can take. If symptoms are not too serious Dr. Scott may recommend at-home treatments such as:

  • Using cold or hot compresses on the area
  • Taking an over the counter anti inflammatory
  • Eating soft foods
  • Try to relax the jaw as often as possible

If the symptoms are more extreme or Dr. Scott finds reason, he may discuss the option of surgery, orthodontics, restorative dentistry to correct your bite, or wearing a custom mouth guard at night. Wearing a custom appliance or mouth guard, or possibly Botox® injections to certain muscles of your face and neck can help relax or reduce the intensity of the muscle activity and contraction.

There is no reason for you to go another day in pain. Come see Dr. Scott and let him help you relieve your jaw pain and help you get back to enjoying your life. Give us a call today at (251) 255-9822. Our office is conveniently located on Springhill Ave. in Mobile, and just a quick drive from Fairhope!

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