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Porcelain Veneers


What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin shells which can be applied over your front teeth, so as to hide any imperfections with them. They can last for decades if properly cared for, and they can improve your smile tremendously, so you have greater self-confidence with social interactions. They are generally only applied to the front teeth, and they are usually installed in pairs so that a single tooth does not stick out as being different than the others.

Dr. Byron Scott has extensive training in this advanced cosmetic procedure and takes the time to make sure your veneers live up to your expectations. He has extensive training and experience to place the best veneers in the Gulf Coast area. If you have been considering veneers, Dr. Scott is the Mobile dentist for you.

Types of Dental Veneers

There are two main types of dental veneers, those being porcelain and composite resin. Porcelain veneers are the more expensive of the two types, but they are also more sturdy, and will probably last longer than other types. Porcelain does not stain, so you won’t have to worry about your veneers degrading over time. Composite resin veneers can be easier to repair or replace if any problems arise, but they probably won’t last as long as your porcelain veneers.

What problems Do Dental Veneers Fix?

If you have lost all hope at ever having a beautiful, white, straight smile, know that there is a solution for you. Quite a few dental issues can be solved by having veneers installed. If you have any discolored teeth, or if you have teeth which are cracked or chipped, these can be covered up nicely by veneers. Also, if you have unusually small teeth, these can be made to look more normal by having veneers installed over them. People will also have veneers installed when they have unsightly gaps between their front teeth, since the veneers can shorten those gaps, and make them appear normal.



Dental Veneer Procedure

The procedure will be somewhat different, based on the type of veneers you’re having installed. Both types will require that some grinding down of the enamel is done on the front and sides of the teeth. For porcelain veneers, an impression will then be made of your mouth, and that impression will be sent off to a laboratory specializing in the production of dental veneers. When the veneers are ready, a second appointment will be necessary to custom fit them to your teeth, and any adjustments will be made at this time.

For composite resin veneers, it will not be necessary to take an oral impression, because the dentist will apply the resin material over your teeth and bond it to your teeth in that first session. Any necessary shaping and smoothing will also be done, and when the tooth looks normal, it will then be polished. This means it is possible that you can have your veneers installed all in one day when your dentist begins work on your teeth.

How Long Is My Recovery from Dental Veneers?

It generally takes a few days to get used to wearing dental veneers, but after that they quickly become part of your normal daily functionality with regard to eating and speaking. If you’re having porcelain veneers installed, you may get some temporary veneers to use while the laboratory is preparing your final ones, and you can use this time to get acclimated to wearing veneers. Composite resin veneers will be installed on the first visit, so you can start getting used to them right away. In either case, it is really only a few days before veneers feel like a normal part of your mouth, and after that you won’t even notice them.

Benefits of Veneers

As noted above, a great many dental imperfections can be hidden by veneers, and this will always give you a better-looking smile. Probably the most important benefit of dental veneers is the greater degree of self-confidence they give the wearer. Your smile is usually the first thing people notice about you, and when you can present a better smile to the world, you can have much greater confidence in yourself.

Veneers Aftercare

There is no special aftercare necessary for your dental veneers. You’ll have to brush, floss, and keep your regularly scheduled dental appointments, but other than that, there is no special care required for them.

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logo-lumineersSpringhill Dental Health Center in Mobile, Alabama offers the popular option of Lumineers®. Dr. Scott is specially trained in this popular procedure. Lumineers® are a type of veneers that are ultra-thin (like a contact lens) and are a less invasive procedure in comparison to traditional veneers. Lumineers® require less preparation of the teeth and typically take only two appointments to complete.

Convenient, quick and dramatic, Lumineers® are a great way to enhance your smile. If you have discolored, cracked, worn or dull teeth, Lumineers® or traditional veneers can take your smile to new heights. Made of Zirconia and tooth colored porcelains, these veneers will bring you a smile full of self-confidence and self-esteem like never before.

At Springhill Dental Health Center we don’t just fix teeth, we transform lives. Cosmetic veneers and Lumineers® are a surefire solution to most cosmetic imperfections. Dr. Byron Scott is looking forward to discussing your new smile with you; give us a call today at (251) 255-9822 to schedule an appointment. Our office is conveniently located on Springhill Ave. in Mobile, and just a quick drive from Fairhope!

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