Ossie W.

My dear friends and neighbors of my home town city of Mobile, Mobile County and home state of Alabama, l would like to take this opportunity to inform you of the outstanding expertise and elite professionalism of Dr.Byron C. Scott and his wonderful friendly and family oriented staff. After being subjected to a mandibular osteotomy “gone bad” via military oral surgery incompetence and oral surgery “guinea pig like ” experimentation in July 1975, l was left a dental cripple. While unconscious for hours from the drug, sodium pentathol, l had no idea of the things that was being done to me until after the fact of what had been done. There was no such thing as pre-consultation like Dr. Scott and his great staff provide you. With the military, it was” You need this..you need that, You’re being ordered to undergo this medical/ dental procedure.” And all l could say was”Sir, Yes Sir!” Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you ,just to make” the short “to a long story, l awoke to find out that my tongue had been cut down the middle, clipped and stitched up around the edges. My mouth was wired shut by titanium rods or braces, since my jaw bones had been broken / cut on each side of my mouth intraorally. Little did l know that ,while this was being done, the doctors also cut my temporalis muscles, which help keep your jaws properly aligned ,while your huge masseter muscles masticate your food, when your jaws open and close ,while you chew your food, while eating. Now ,in summation, what shape did all this gross incompetence leave me in ? Well, let me count the ways. Now, l have been diagnosed with occlusal disharmony/disease (OD)( look up on google), permanent numbness( paresthesia) of the tongue( due to botched glossoplasy), permanent gum recession on mandible and maxillary gum areas, advanced periodontal disease ( stage 3) etc, etc. To sum it up, l was about to lose my teeth which, especially due to the OD. I had already lost numerous teeth here and there and I didn’t want to lose any more. Yet, before God led me to Dr. Byron Scott, l had been told by another dentist that l should just have those on the front mandible extracted. I heard God tell me “Get a second opinion about that”. Thanks to God , l was led to have that second opinion be provided by the outstanding, impeccable services of the man, the expert doctor of medical dentistry, the honorable and humble Dr.Byron C. Scott. After expert pre-consultation partial work-up and the best follow- up aftercare, l feel like a new man with a great smile. After having been in several films with top celebrities in the past, l ,now feel confident that if l do decide to do more of that type of work on the side in front of the movie camera, l won’t be embarrassed seeing a close up of my teeth shot. Thank-you , thank-you and may God Bless you and your great staff. You make people feel like family and you treat them like so as well. I thank God for you and would tellbany one from North South East and West about how what truly great work you guys do. Enough words just done describe. Thanks again.

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