I went to Dr. Scott for dental implants after not being able to live with Dentures that were constantly not fitting correctly, not being able to eat certain foods due to seeds & debris getting under the Dentures, having to use Adhesives ( OOZE ) that were foul tasting, un-safe & that was just a mess & not being able to chew food correctly without the Dentures constantly slipping, etc. I was Greeted by Dr. Scott, his wife, Suzanne & Dr. Scott’s Staff ( Becky, Sarah, Patricia, Cindy ) in a Clean, Professional, Relaxing atmosphere that Immediately put me at ease. In just a few minutes with everyone, I felt like not only did EVERYONE truly care about helping me, but treated me like a Family member & not just a customer. Yes, Business Is Business, but once that is all settled, You could not ask for a more Caring Class of people who are constantly looking out for your Health, Welfare & Happiness. I Proudly tell & show everyone about my treatment with my ” Family “.
In March 2012, after researching countless Dentists, I settled on & visited Dr. Byron Scott’s Office to possibly get Dental Implants due to my Loathing of my ordinary Full Dentures because of bad fit, mess with adhesives, etc. I immediately was impressed with the cleanliness, the décor that made me relaxed to be in a Dental Office & the Professional dealings & attitudes from everyone working in his Business. After letting them know why I was there, I was told of & shown various different possibilities of procedures that would be best for me & in terms I fully understood. Any question was a good question & was discussed in length so no misunderstanding would occur. We then went over the pricing of the entire procedure, having the details completely explained. I had priced other dentists not only in my area, but in other states & Dr. Scott was within these ranges or even beat a lot of them. I knew that the old saying “you get what you pay for” certainly applied in this Office. No stone would be un-turned to make everything beautiful, fully functional & as pain free as possible. I also knew that the after care would also be there & any problems would be handled ASAP! I settled on three upper & four lower implants & had x-rays done that day to get the best positions for the implants. Less than three weeks later, I went in & had the seven implants installed. I am a man who grew up terrified of ALL dentists , so I was really apprehensive going in. Dr. Scott & All Of the staff made me feel so protected and at ease that the procedure went so smooth that I was amazed when I was told it was over. About two weeks later, I had one of the lower implants rejected & had to go in to get it removed & another one installed. Again, everything went smoothly & I was out of there in no time. All of this was explained to me before hand that it was possible that some implants MIGHT be rejected, but that it would be no problem removing & installing a replacement. My peace of mind in knowing this was a Blessing! I then had a six month period of healing in which I was constantly called & checked on by Dr. Scott, Suzanne & Staff in between going in for checkups.. In October, I went in & began fittings & impressions for my final appliances. In November, I went back & again, had fittings & impressions done for the most perfect fit possible. On December 15, 2012, I got my perfect fitting, most Beautiful & Wonderful Teeth. I immediately went home, made a large helping of Waldorf Salad that I have dreamed of having for seven long years since having all of my teeth removed in 2005. I ate every shred of the salad with NO problems whatsoever. I almost cried because I was actually CHEWING & TASTING the food! I then stood in the mirror & Smiled, really Smiled for the first time in the last seven years. It was Fantastic! I tell Everyone & Anyone of “my Family “, the service I received & then I show them the gift I have been Blessed with from Dr. Scott, Suzanne, Becky, Patricia, Sarah & Cindy. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Scott for all of your dental needs.

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